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Reiki for Sports – Not just knees, backs and elbows.

If you’re an athlete, our Reiki will enable you to train and play better. It can restore your energetic balance and help you recover more quickly from injury. Reiki works beautifully with existing training regimens to bring increased energy to your sport and give you increased clarity and concentration. Reiki nourishes your spirit and your game.

We Have a Track Record with Professional Athletes

We have given a football player a second chance at a pro career, after a career-ending injury. We have been to the NBA Rookie Transition Program and administered Reiki to NBA players, NBA Doctors, retired players, NBA and NBPA executives. We are on the list of “Specialists” for the Women’s Tennis Association.

Our New Tennis Arm

So right is Reiki for sports and tennis, Reiki Energy Plus has been invited to have a presence at New York’s new, luxurious City View Racquet Club (, where we work out of the spa.

“It’s unheard of that you could just lie on a massage table and let someone put hands on you and then feel better after one session. But that is exactly what happened.”

            Charles Way, Director of player Development, NY Football Giants

“What I call my ‘tennis shoulder’ was completely better after one session. I couldn’t believe it!”

            J. Schwarz, New York, N.Y.