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"Begin the day with love. Spend the day with love. End the day with love."

--Sathya Sai Baba

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"My experience with Thayer was wonderful. I was having severe pain in my lower right jaw that extended down into the neck on that side. My right breast was swollen and painful all the way to under the arm. I had been having trouble with my right breast for years. I would get regular massage and lymph drainage sessions to clear the area. After 2 sessions all these problems have left with no return issues. Thank you, Thayer ."

G.Buchholtz, Chicago


"When I was severely injured 3 years ago from an assault, I needed spiritual, physical and emotional help. The universe sent me this help in the form of Thayer Burch. Everything hurt. I would get a pian from losing 4 inches of my intestines and a hernia removed surgically. A knee which was snapped in and back through brute force. – It was hard to walk, get out of a chair, climb the stairs. My head had been hit creating headaches, neck pain, spinal pain. Thayer guided me to a place of wellness. During our phone sessions, she would create instant pain relief. She created a safe inner place for me to heal. On all levels. There is no long distance with healing. I have experienced both with Thayer. Thank you Thayer from my heart and soul.."

L. Jones, Chicago


"Your caring attention and treatments are much appreciated. You made me feel immensely better, at a time when I was really sick. I don’t know how to thank you enough. You had a major healing effect.."

K. Carney, Boston


"Mr right leg is now withoutpain and the knee where I had blockage for so long has been unblockaged and now is becoming flexible along with my hip and ankle. You sessions have been integral in healing both before and after surgery. Thank you for being part of the healing miracles that I've had this year."

M. Turner, CT


"Did you ever want to do something so badly but the fear kept you from pursuing your dreams? Fear kept me from speaking the truth I so desperately wanted to share in a presentation about middle class women and domestic abuse at a District Conference. That's when I called Thayer, a miraculous and gentle healer who guided me through releasing the untruths that hindered belief in myself. Through specific techniques and coaching I was able to let go of those preconceptions which no longer served me with ease and grace. With kindness and compassion, and in a matter of only two or three sessions, she had unveiled a woman who was able to use her voice confidently and passionately. Thank you, Thayer, for giving my voice the wings it so rightly deserved and freedom to speak the truth. Most assuredly, you were the impetus which led to my success - and first place recognition at the conference as well! You are truly an angel put on this earth and a gifted healer...and I thank you with all my heart."

Joan B., NJCMT

bullet Thayer, Thank you for your magic healing touch on my back! It was a great relief to be able to get out of bed at 7 o'clock this morning and stand up without needing to pull and push up the window and wall to make it to vertical. Trisha was pleased to be able to stay in bed on her holiday and not have to get out to put on my socks and tie my shoes.

Len S.
New York, New York

bullet Thayer has worked with a number of my animals in upstate New York at my farm. She has physically worked with us as well as consulted and followed up with phone contact. Two of our animals had issues with their back legs. In each case there was noticeable improvement. On two occasions, it was life sustaining. The third patient, a poodle with neurological complications from Lyme's disease also responded. I highly endorse Thayer for anyone who has a problem pet, either from a medical or behavioral cause. My partner and I, as well as the myriad of animals here at the farm are very grateful to have had her professional expertise.

Deborah D.
E. Chatham, New York

bullet Our dog, Solly, was involved in a car accident in July 2002, in which he was thrown into the front seat from the back. We believe he suffered some muscle or spinal injury, as he whimpered frequently when changing position from lying down to standing up. He was lethargic. We took him to a vet, who prescribed pain killers, which worked for a few hours. After Thayer Burch treated Solly, he was better the next day, returned to his normal energetic self!

M. Heller
New York

bullet Greetings from sunny Florida! My brother says to tell you that the cat is completely healed!!!!

M. Heller
New York