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"Begin the day with love. Spend the day with love. End the day with love."

--Sathya Sai Baba

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Thayer  Burch

Thayer Burch

Reiki Master
Tong Ren
Signature Cell Healing Practitioner
EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)
Animal Healing
Interfaith Minister
Tui Na


My name is Thayer Burch and I provide in-person and long distance healing services in the form of Tong Ren Reiki on New York’s Upper West Side.

I came to Tong Ren Reiki in my search for a heightened way of making people feel better at the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level. It provides restorative help with blocks, phobias, depression, cancers and all serious dis-eases.

Brought into play are the protocols of Reiki, Tong Ren, Signature Cell Healing, EFT, Tui Na and just plain old energy medicine.

If you seek to create well-being in all your aspects, to de-stress, to restore yourself, to energize and heal body and soul, then this enhanced Tong Ren Reiki may be for you.

My clients have included people in business, television, theater, and music. I count not only people among my clientele, but also a wide assortment of animals – from cats and dogs to turtles, horses, peacocks and pigs.

I would be honored to help you or your pet along the healing path.

As an Interfaith Minister, I would be equally honored to help you create a ceremony to remember and officiate at your wedding.

Blessings and Peace,

Thayer Burch
Reiki Master, Interfaith Minister
Tel: (917) 885-4792